I have been creating and designing Rosaries for some time. My newest creation is the Life of Jesus bracelets as requested by friends and customers.
My passion for creating rosaries comes from my heart and soul and the undying love I have for our Blessed Mother. I truly love creating them knowing the many things that can be bestowed on someone when they truly pray with their heart and soul. It brings me so much peace and joy when I create each style of Rosaries. I hope that when you receive them, they bring you as much peace and joy as I had creating them for you.
You will notice variations in each style of rosaries. Each design, all made with precious stones, are creatively combined either with a crucifix and various styles of crosses, spacers and Our Father beads resulting in a beautiful unique rosary. I hope that you strongly believe in the power of prayer as I do. I wish I could express to all of you what prayer has done for me. Much love to all of you.
The Life of Jesus bracelets, that I absolutely love making, will have certain pieces that can be interchanged as you will see from the choices given. These bracelets tell the story of Jesus, with each charm symbolizing different chapters of his life.
*Note:  Due to the custom designs of the bracelets, individual pieces may differ yet I’ll do my best to get everything you see.